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Business Analysis

With years of broad business experience Davies & Jones business analysts are able to see ‘the big picture’ along with the detail of technological and process barriers.


Davies & Jones work with companies to identify the needs and any gaps within the technology prior to implementation of any new system. Identifying and implementing solutions and ensuring the system meets local business requirements whilst considering the global impact.


Using a variety of communication methods (e.g. interviews, meetings, and facilitated sessions) our business analysts are responsible for identifying change needs, assessing the impact of the change, capturing and documenting requirements and then ensuring that those requirements are delivered by IT whilst supporting the business through the implementation process.  


Business analysts at Davies & Jones are:



with the ability to understand and respond to user needs in rapidly changing business environments.



BMS - During the BMS project Michelle Davies put in place pre-implementation sessions with each of the countries. These sessions enabled the identification of critical requirements which had changed since the development of the original user and system requirements. In addition these sessions allowed the local medical information teams to confirm the system translation, as well as giving key users the opportunity to become familiar with the localised system prior to launch.


Following each session Michelle Davies was responsible for developing and managing the list of enhancements, working with IT and the project team to ensure critical enhancements were prioritised.  This process resulted in a more effective rollout at each of the sites, ensuring a smooth implementation and eliminating items which would have a negative impact to the business.




Davies & Jones Business Analysis