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Change Management

Statistics show that the source of 90% of all risks when implementing new technologies is the users. Fear, uncertainty, and the general human resistance to change make altering user behaviour a challenge. We understand that a successful implementation is more dependent on users than the technology and have created a change management framework that concentrates on the prime resource of an organisation, its people. 


At Davies & Jones, in order to effectively address the natural learning curve and adoption challenges faced by users during the implementation of new technologies, we set up a sustainable and cost effective change management / training model that will meet the needs of any business.


Our approach to change in business is comprehensive and systematic.


Our change managers work to ensure that users are aware of how a new system will affect them as individuals as well as the benefits to the larger company.


A communications strategy will detail specific actions to be taken by senior business managers and system owners, as well as team members, and is designed to start communications within the project, but will be amended from time to time to reflect the progress of the project.


All communication activities and key messages are aligned to the business objectives, as well as supporting any change management initiatives designed to meet these objectives. Feedback from users and stakeholders play an important part in delivering effective, two-way communications, and is critical for addressing concerns by users.


Adopting the Davies & Jones change management process by focusing on the needs of the user we can circumvent issues:



BI Boehringer Ingleheim is a global research-driven company dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing pharmaceuticals that improve health and quality of life.


Karen Jones assisted in the implementation of an enterprise wide document management system, which comprised of DocCompliance and Documentum technologies


To manage the change a communication strategy was developed which highlighted the following objectives:



A variety of methods were employed to meet these objectives, for stakeholders these included face to face meetings, quarterly status updates on achievements, and presentations by steering group/ project team members to leadership teams.  For users, methods included the development of guided tours to give a preview of the system, intranet news pages, road shows demonstrating the system prototype, on-line articles, newsletters, promotional materials, training and follow up workshops.




Davies & Jones Change Management