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Web-based Learning

The last 15 years have seen great advances in technology and design, enabling consultants at Davies & Jones to produce and implement eLearning programs that engage, inspire and empower users.


Motivating users to learn is half the battle. Knowing the course you're taking is going to have some interesting elements like video, audio, animation and user interaction creates more interest and curiosity in learning. This leads to better retention and faster learning.


eLearning is reinforced throughout and performance is tracked and recorded providing an audit trail for the benefit of the users and clients.


Davies & Jones web-based eLearning solutions:



Virtual Classrooms and Digital Collaboration

At Davies & Jones we use a variety of technologies and electronic media when delivering training via virtual classrooms to enable real time collaboration.

Technologies that enable the use of interactive whiteboards, chat, audio and video sharing to ensure the virtual classroom is a truly interactive experience.


Davies & Jones recommend the use of this method for “short, concise” training delivery, for example where new features of a system need to be shared or discussed, or to assist with the support and subsequent training of users who are remotely based.





MedImmune – Karen Jones led a team of eLearning developers on 3 separate projects to create and deliver user courses for their Documentum, DocCompliance and FirstDoc systems. The courses were delivered in a SCORM compliant manner so that they could be installed within MedImmunes’ learning management system.


BAA – Karen Jones managed a team of training consultants to develop user guides and then eLearning modules for an upgrade to BAA’s Documentum system which managed the CAD drawings for the T5 project.  eLearning was created using the website guidelines provided by BAA.


Bank of America  – Training packs were developed to support the delivery of virtual classrooms.




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