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Learning Services

Davies &Jones provide clients with a complete end user solution, from defining the training strategy during pre-delivery, to supplying multi-lingual trainers during delivery, and finally supporting users post-delivery, encompassing all phases of the training project lifecycle. Davies & Jones have a proven track record of delivering training solutions to large organisations world-wide.


Pre-Delivery – At this stage of the process Davies & Jones quickly gain a detailed awareness of the issues clients face in their projects, recommending and implementing proven strategies and providing best practices to keep the project on time and within budget. Pre-delivery includes:



Delivery – Davies & Jones’ trainers are subject matter experts on many of the IT industry standard system applications.  Trainers will become conversant with a client’s business processes and incorporate these into the training delivery, ensuring an effective transference of knowledge from the training room back to the workplace and ultimately a highly successful implementation programme. This stage may include all or a combination of the following delivery methods:



Post Delivery - The post delivery stage is the most important phase of any system deployment as the real challenge is when the users are faced with the task of integrating their learning into their every day work.  Davies & Jones will implement and manage a post-delivery service to support the users during the “change” and to drive the business objectives forward, as the measurement of success to the business is when the new knowledge is implemented. This stage includes:





Davies & Jones have designed and delivered the following training solutions:


Boehringer Ingleheim  - Karen Jones led the global training and communication team based in the USA and was responsible for delivering training to 30,000 users in Europe, USA, South America and Asia. User Guides and eLearning were developed in 5 languages, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese and a Train the Trainer programme was rolled-out to additional countries to enable them to deliver training in their local language.


Gilead Sciences - Karen Jones led a team of trainers who delivered FirstDoc training to 2,000 users in the US and the UK.  User manuals and eLearning course modules were developed which were used for refresher training and support post training, and as primary delivery method for additional sites moving forward.


Solvay – Michelle Davies managed the development and delivery of training for Solvay’s SOLID project, which is based on FirstDoc functionality.  Training was delivered in 8 locations including; Holland x 3, France, Germany x 2, Spain, US.  The SOLID system was deployed in the local language to Holland (Dutch), France, Germany, Spain. Documentation included the development and translation of a comprehensive user guide which detailed the full functionality of this highly bespoke system.




Davies & Jones Learning Services